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Thread: Jus a quick question....

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    Jus a quick question....

    This might be a dumb question, but is Sickology 101 supposed to be MLK 2, or is it gonna be Tech's new solo album? And is there a release date yet?

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    i dont think its gonna be a collabos album i think its gonna have features as always though

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    It is a collabo album. I was thinking its gonna be out mid-late 2009.

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    i read up about it and its supposed to be MLK2 for sure

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    Yup - For sure...I heard June

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean
    i read up about it and its supposed to be MLK2 for sure

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    I heard that sickology is indeed a collabo album, but not a strange music collabo. Its supposed to have everyone who has a "sick" flow. Rumor has it that it will feature, jay-z, eminem, krazie bone, lejo and I heard busta. Mlk2 might be a totally seperate album...

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    collabos 2

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