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Thread: Do you think Young Buck is strange music bound?

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    Do you think Young Buck is strange music bound?

    Personally i love Buck he is a legit rapper and when i heard his verse in "sukka dukkas" and i thought it was awsome. I think Young Buck would fit well in the strange crew.

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    naw maine young buck is no type of artist 4 strange music a collabo would be nice, i think he has 2 keep it south. tennessee crunk shit.........peace

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    Well now that Buck is no longer G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath/interscope contractually obligated it, could all change...but unless Buck is gonna actually become a touring artist, get up on a bus or in a van and go earn more fans...I don't think he could handle bein on Strange.

    If he stays on that southern grind doin what he does, he could possibly end up workin a deal with Hypnotize minds, since Three 6 Mafia is from Memphis itd make sence, for him to work with the Tennesee katz that got pull, and are another indie label who can and are willin to work with others

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    dude, never heard of him

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    are you serious? part of g-unit a while back he was the best out of all of them listen to him sometime he's pretty good still ten a key was pretty legit

    Quote Originally Posted by Gofer
    dude, never heard of him

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    I went to a Strange Music concert about two years ago and about 30 people showed up. Just because you don't have tour support, doesn't mean you're a worthless talent.

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    look cock fucker buck is a bomb ass rapper who the fuck cares every rapper has a bad rhyme in there day so what doesnt mean there bad im not sayin that he is better than lots its just questioning where he would end up not dissin no one so if your gonna diss go blow a donkey... in sukka dukkas it was a good verse maybe he can change his normal of rappin and change it to strange its possible i think he could handle bein with strange even if its a few years from now i think its possible

    Quote Originally Posted by Hesky
    Young Buck is a joke.

    Me & my friends constantly laugh at 'Lose my mind' AKA Waste of a good beat.

    "I had a bad day, my brother wouldn't have died if i had my AK" - Brilliant lyrics Young Buck (not)

    He's plain awful man. 12 people showed up to see him in Washington, 12! I've had more people than that watching me rap at a damn house party haha.

    Buck won't end up with Strange. Bottom line.

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    naw i dnt see it, dat wud b kinda weird seein buck on strange tho

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