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Thread: whats sizzlin, with thizzlin?

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    whats sizzlin, with thizzlin?

    So, im tryin to get some advice on some shit, Im sure theres alotta tech fans on here that pop them lil pills....
    I havent touched that shit sence the last tech concert i been at(october 8th in seattle). Anyways, rollin on new years eve is sounding good to me. Anyone else tryin to quit the shit, or fuckin love it? think its a good thing?
    i dunno what the fuck to do... l havent heard T9X high in a minute....
    Any opionions or words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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    if u haven't already read up on the science of rolling....i suggest you do and use wisely. because an experience like that most certainly is not free. but that's obvious.

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    fuck pills it aint worth the problems you get later on. i stick to mary jane. you should try eadibles like brownies or sum shit, hella better than poppin.

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    Ask Crow ->

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    I rolled like 5 times in 2007 and never had any bad experiences. However I would never thizz today, just because I don't feel safe taking anything man made. That's why I won't even take medicine when I'm sick.

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    Cant even begin to explain shit I did lol

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    me+drug topic=2 page response so ill sum it up, drugs are fun and actually GOOD for your brain in specific moderation. now wait for it......all the "i have common sense" people telling me there's no way drugs can be good for you.

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    Do what the fuck you wanna do son. I still roll but only after waiting 4 months prior to my last. Moderation is key.

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