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Thread: Hey Tech...come do it Hooah Style

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    Hey Tech...come do it Hooah Style

    Hey I would love to see Tech at Fort Hood sometime REAL soldiers are CONSTANTLY, not just rapidly, but CONSTANTLY hittin Iraq. We are the owners of the Baghdad AOR, 1st Cav, 4th ID, 1st ID, and 3rd ACR! So it would hit 'em right to get a visit b4 February cuz the last plane hits the runway shortly there after from 1st Cav. Can't be specific because of security stuff, but that's that one. So if you game on it, hit me back at . Love, peace and chicke grease my KC Rilla!

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    thatd be crazy, tech in iraq, thatd be a show alright

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    no man, I mean at fort hood texas, near killeen, I know us soldiers would appreciate it, they leave in Feb

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