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Thread: No east coast shows

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    No east coast shows

    when the fuck will tech n company come to the east coast, im stayin down here in wack ass miami florida where all they hear is bullshit radio.. they never come over. i know it aint up to them, the venues dont want em. how many of yall stayin here, i wanna see if im the only technician in this motherfucker, i kno about 1 n thats it. i been dyin to see one fucking show, if they do come itll be about 10 people showin up the most.

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    i guess im the only one

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    I've been scrolling through all the members looking for ANYONE from Florida. I think there may be 20 all together. I've been spreading Tech's shit in West Coast Florida (Ft Myers area). My husband is from the midwest and he introduced it to me. If you find out any info on Strange Music coming our way, PLEASE let me know!!!

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    Yo man I feel you.. I'm from Miami.. I was searchin for some shows in florida.. I saw this topic and that was like it lol..

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    shit, I'm from Bama, I know they're not coming here... I would definately go to a show in Miss, Bama, GA, or north Florida....

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    whats up. i lived in utah for a while went to at least 4 of his shows in salt lake city and they were fuckin awsome. i moved down here and pissed there nothing strange going on down here . barley even see any juggalos.

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    I'm in Tampa, I don't know about where all of you guys are but theres mad juggalos around here who been waiting for a long ass time for any of Strange Music to head this way, hopefully some time soon. =\

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    you're not the only one. I live in atlanta. if they came to any part of the south I'd be there.

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