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    ONE OF MINE is featured so far: THE VOYEUR-PeepingTomETTE2 (which is already displayed). -which is utilized in any sexual themes.
    S.I.M. (that's my POETRY writing name)-my thoughts, my sexuality, + compassionate side
    Then there's S**** (full name not included-smile). The trying to stay sucka-free, keep it moving through all odds, independent, persistant, open-minded, headstrong, passionate, sympathetic & impathetic LEO, down-to-earth, humourous, NONgroupie muthafucka, that enjoys the not typical, I' M out of the ordinary, looking to be shocked and a book reading + HANDWRITING analsysis studying type of person. That's alot of shit, I just typed, but never reveal u're weaknesses~~~in that case, I'm cool

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    "Synide the MC"-critical, but open minded, a leader, but a soldier, a fighter for wat i love, but lover of fights, a representative for the outcome from which this centary may or may not hold...i am the future of my past

    "Synide the Malevelant"-a juggalo, a technician, a freak, a beast, a nightmare, an invader of dreams, a sybol of true evil this world has no place for, a phantom with an insatiable thirst for visibility

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    I have a few but putting a couple on:

    Killa Will - Has own , looks out for fam and friends,doesn't care who he offends,a little cocky. Goes by this when he writes rhymes. Always partying all day and night.

    Dub B {Dub City King} - The calm and quite side,always pushing himself to the limit,his own person.

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    Fuck an alter ego. I am who I am.

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    WHICH IS....
    Quote Originally Posted by L.D.S.
    Fuck an alter ego. I am who I am.

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    Magic is I

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    lets see

    I got JEW-thats the stoner the one that dont give a fuck. the one that just wants to forget everything. and shit

    I got Saint-the one that writes poetry. the one that cares and does give a fuck.

    and then my juggalo homies call me
    sAiNt WiCkEd-which is pretty much a combo of the two

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    Hmmmm i used to go by the name of Exabyte a while ago only coz its a really really big term used in computing meaning 1 billion gigabytes, that was back in the day though, Nowadays i like to be called S B L M N L (subliminal) Reason beong is coz i like the psychology we have been gifted with, i am/have benn practicing Black Op's Hypnosis aswell.

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    well Erika my birth given name is my every day persona,shy,quiet,has my head on str8 lol

    Mercedes-also birth given name,but more sexual,fun,likes to party

    Benz(o)-this is who i am when im ready to throw down,but my friends usually call me this on an everyday bases.

    I created my new one Oxy Rotten,more for when i start building up my alternative modeling career.just Rotten to the core.

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