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Thread: I was in the studio with Tech & Kutt yesterday so here's an update

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    I was in the studio with Tech & Kutt yesterday so here's an update

    I was down at the studio yesterday for an interview with Kutt. It was me, Rob, Tech, Kutt, Scoob, Mackzilla, and Skatterman. The interview was cool and I will try to post it up before the end of the weekend.

    Here's the info I'm sure some of you are gonna like to hear and some of you are gonna be mad about... I got to hear sickology 101... well atleast what has been completed so far.

    It appears that it is going to contain 22 tracks, and I'm not releasing any features yet because I don't want to cause unnecessary speculation as most are not confirmed yet. The album sounds like it is going to be sick. There is another Kabosh song on the album to tease us since we are still clueless on when the project will be completed.

    I also got the pleasure of being able to see the completed Bunk Rock Bitch video which was just finished being edited on monday. The video is the shit. It literally dominates every music video that Strange has put out. It looks more than worthy of being able to catch the mainstream's eye and hopefully will get the play it deserves.

    I also heard a new song that was finished for Kaliko's album and it sounds like his new album will top his first.

    It was a great time, and I might be making a video with Big Scoob to hear the background of the RDV's if enough people are interested in hearing it.

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    Hell ya good lookin out on the info always coming through

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    Thanks for the update, Really appreciated!!

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    hell ya cuz, nowmtombout?! good lookin brotha thanks for some good info, finally a helpful thread... 09 looks likes its gunna be off the hook again for strange... lookin forward to it as always....
    F.A.N.S. all day all night

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    I personally think it's mighty fucking hilarious, as well.

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    its bomb to hear the good news.

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    Yo thanks for the info on our Strange Music guys and letting us know whats up...Ive been a Tech fan for awhile and would like to hear some more RDV stuff I have the first RDV cd and like it

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    I heard my boy Nesto Da Owner and Rich The Factor are gonna be on a track on the new CD

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