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Thread: Songs I dont Like on Killer

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    Songs I dont Like on Killer

    On some real shit I would say killer was a slight disappointment, no disrespect, love that shit, but I was expecting somthing more from the two disc album from my favorite rapper. Here are the songs I could have done without:

    Psycho bitch 2 - Shoulda left tha ic alone, Liquid assassin weak on it, beats nice tho

    Poisionous - Naw

    Too much - Nothing special

    Drill Team - generic

    Beat you up - Sounds like it should of been on M.L.K.

    Enjoy - Most hated song on album, tho I like some of the things Kaliko did on it

    All in all these are the songs that keep me from playing each disc from begining to end, gimme some feedback on how u feel about Killer. Killer 8/10

    P.S. Favorite Song: Happy Ending - RAW

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    the only shit i didnt realy enjoy was tha shit from tha sextion...sep fer kalikos shit in dem

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    dude enjoy is fucking sik wat you talking bout

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    too much = best song on album. opened his concerts with this song...
    Poisonous = may only be one verse but stil good track

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    id prolly have to say the whole sextion was the one that i didnt like
    a lot of lit sounded like ludacris songs think back to (keep it on the hush)

    i am every thing/tech;s verse was raw but the chorus and other features were jus too much af a reach. It was
    obvious that they tried to reach a different crowd with that track but I think we might have an idea of what tech felt afterwards
    since we havent heard anything about kabosh lately.And im glad

    other than that i think the album would of been o whole lot stronger with less like collabs and more verses from tech
    but to disagree with you TooMuch was ill i thought.The lyrics,delivery and production meshed well naw fuck that they fit perfect.
    And i do think they shouldve picked a better song for thier single like (one good time) the radio wouldve ate that one up all day

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    Wow, I don't like you very much after those statements. How could you dislike all those songs. Sure Poisionous was a little dissapointing, but Too Much and Physco Bitch 2 are sick. Liquid Assasin is tha shit! He's gotta new album coming up to, it should be sick, it's gunna have all the strange guys on it. Drill Team, come on, I'm sure that that track is on everyone's top 10 off Killer. And what's wrong with songs sounding like one's from different albums?

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    Why are you on this website?

    Quote Originally Posted by Malik Shabazz
    Killer sucked from the first song to the last.

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    Anywho...ENJOY is the shit. SEE unless you are well versed in different genres of music, then u are not remembering prince 80'S or songs of r&b from the early 90's era...I do believe; however, the flow on enjoy coulda been better. I woulda enjoyed singing on the whole shit, no rappin. when I 1st heard it. The Sexorcist singing was ughh! Wheaties HOTTTT (Shawna when she was grouped on the Album INFAMOUS SYNDICATE..CHECK IT OUT) THE HOOK...NO, NO, NO,. ON THE REAL....YESSS I LOVED THE DON JUAN BEATS, THEY GONE HAVE TA GET BACK TOGETHER TO GET HIS REALLY COMMERCIAL SUCCESS. I LOVE YA TECH, JUST DON'T END UP LIKE TWISTA.

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    Wheaties is the worst song he ever wrote..Ive heard the cd 500 times I never once played the whole track..

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    FUCK EVERYONE WHO HATED KILLER YOU CAN EAT DICK YOU FUCKING ROPE SUCKERS IF YOU HATED IT!!!!! especially you who started this stupid discussion leave this fucking website and go to fucking hell... faggot

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