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Thread: Tech On MTV!

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    Tech On MTV!

    Ayo what up Technicians last weekend I was at this party and I was the controller on the music selections (as always) but I was 2 wasted 2 get sum cds from my car so I just put it on MTV Jamz. After about an hour or 2 of listenin to the same mainstream shit like Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy...(birdwalk? are you fuckin serious?) Tech's video for Like Yeah comes on! It was like 3 in the morning but it got me fuckin hype! Anyone seen it there or somewhere else?

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    I havent seen it yet, want to see it bad! Tech on MTV, shits dope!!!

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    I have seen bout ta bubble on mtv2 back in the day, I stay away from mtv as much as I can, I feel like I walk away dumber each time I watch that shit..

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    Ya it's pretty fuckin awsome that they have him on there. Now mainstream relizes that they fucked and they can't hold Tech in the underground hes fuckin everywhere now.

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    I havent seen it yet but, God damn MTV came to there senses choosing Tech N9ne... Hes about to blow up to industry

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    i dont watch mtv or hurd any mainstreem since...shit proly since craig mack...but i did c tha video, n its some sick shit

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