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    Why do you think the last tech cd was called "killer"?

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    It was Tech's best work to date and will have the best sales of all his albums. Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" is his best work and has the most sales. The album covers are almost identical too.

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    Because if you play the cd 9 times in a row, you die. Muahahahaha

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    lol yea its one of his best works ever....just like michael jackson good time deff one of my favs or like yea..

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    Its obviously a play off Thriller....And if any of you have ever seen ANY interviews with him recently he claims his CD is "All Killer No Filler..." Thats why. End of discussion.

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    The name "Killer" came about because Tech Wanted this album to be alot like Michael Jackson's thriller..which is the album damn near everyone on earth knows Michael jackson for (the other half know him for his like of little children)

    It was M.J.'s best album (EVER) and Tech Felt that Killer was such a superbe piece of work (to date) that he wanted people to remember his name, and the album....If you want a better explanation go grab a MurderDog Magzine its 1 of the few mag's that deals with Strange/Psy/Sub Noize

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