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Thread: Effects/Plug-ins T9 uses

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    Effects/Plug-ins T9 uses


    does anyone has an idea of what effects/plug-ins tech n9ne uses in his tracks?

    his singing every now and then for example doesn't sound 100% natural to me, theres slightly something on his recordings, but can't figure out what it is

    would really like to know with what exactly he's working

    thanks in advance

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    Message Rob Rebek... He comes on here enough

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    First of all i just want to say theres probably a large list of different effects and plug-ins that gets used. From a-little reverb and delay effect to large plug-in effects. You should specifiy certain effects your looking for. Rob Rebeks good, I wouldn't mind picking his brain.

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    thanks, but I couldn't find Rob in here? I guess he's registered, tho

    about the effects: for the moment I just wanna know about the singing, as in Party the Pain Away. mentioned this track, cos almost the whole track is that singing. it sounds pretty much like the most singing parts, tho

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