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    You mean Rapping, and are u asking if he can really do it? yes he can. He's done it in a few interviews before, and in some songs.

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    Yea, he used to rap backwards frequently in the past, he don't do it as much now, but yes, he does rap backwards at times.
    "Welcome to my asylum it's hectic, they call me dyslexic" -Tech in "Twisted".

    That's also one of the reasons why some non-listeners thought he worshiped the Devil, cause some satanist "do things backwards" like walk in a room backwards, get out the bed backwards, etc.

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    Yea sometimes he will say the words backwards and other times he will record and run the track backwards.

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    yea he deffenately raps backwards heres a link check it out its a free wit t9 kutt and krizz

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    hell ya he does its hella sick cause he flows it in hella well!

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    I don't think Tech needs to rape any groupie backwards.

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    Yea that shits for real too, No audio processing all tech flipping the shit. I was at Vilefest with an ex girlfriend in Ohio and we were all rolling are faces off and got to kick it with tech before the show. She asked him a question about the song hellbound and he just started spitting shit Eliv llufenab yrlived ssendam. He actually pronounces the shit backwards live, That's why if you ever try to play his backwards shit on a cd player backwards it never sounds right cuzz it wasn't recorded regular and played backwards he rapped it backwards ish in the studio.

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    Tech dont need to rape anybody, forwards or backwards. LOL

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