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Thread: Tech's Lesser Know Songs

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    Tech's Lesser Know Songs

    i'm just tryin to get a lot of his lesser know songs together.

    so far i have
    Questions, So What You Telling Me, Sleeping Beauty, Broken Chains, I'll Pass, Bumbell, Thugs get lonely too, killin it, bury them all, we are what we are.

    Just list any other songs that aren't on, Absolute Power, Anghellic, Everready, Killer, Vintage Tech or MLK.

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    None of those are lesser known, I hate to say.

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    well not off his newer albums, i should have said that. my bad.

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    well if ur tlkn older songs how bout 'I Can Get Grim' or 'Welcome To My Asylum'

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    thoso are all songs fetured on other cd's
    lesser known songs would be like
    "money" "smoke sumtin" "sacrifice" "killer" "that owl" "i want you for my self" "wind me up" "problem addict" "in my head" an shiiiittttt

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    The Virus, Take A Picture, I'll Pass, Ain't No Killa, Big Bad Wolf and Soul Searchin'

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    hellbound is one of his most deep songs...ever

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    Kansas City King, Hydro, Earthquake, Big Bad Wolf Remix (the one with 2pac)

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    they're gonna laugh at you, terror, i can get grim, planet rock, niggas, simon says, get blown, trauma, mad confusion, the worst, boss dogs, relish, clueless, celcius, ride with me, sprung, cloudy eyed stroll, hey muthafuckas, mo' flow, soldiers at war, mizzy gets bizzy, 7 sins, earthquake, serial killas, flipside, that owl...well just everything on tha calm befor the storm, the worst, the strictly strange album, n a bucha songs he did with other artists

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    where the love

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