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Thread: ARE U A FAN OR A STAN???

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    Whats goin down besides ur panties everbody???Naw Im just fuckin with u all,but before we get into this discussion or should I say (gospel) sike!!!
    allow me to introduce my self.Its the 1 and only DUKECITY SPECIALIST.
    I am new to this site but by no means am I a rookie!!! Ive been listening to Tech N9ne for roughly about 11 years and since then Ive become a pillar of the community.When I am not at the shelter handing out hot meals to the homeless u can find me walking the streets rescuing poor and defenseless baby mommaz from thier jealous jeffories.
    But enough about me for now,back to the subject at hand!!! ARE U A FAN OR A STAN??? Thats the million dollar question of the day folks.
    Now for those of u that have been living under a rock for the past decade or for those of u that fall under the ification of a (TARD)
    lemme elaborate.A fan or supporter is someone who develops a liking(no homo) and enthusiasm for an artist,sportsclub,trend etc...
    Fans tend to favor their favorite artists product over other artists but at the same time a fan can become critical and dislike certain things about thier favorite artists.It is normal for a fan to offer props and praise while at the same time offer criticism.Now a stan on the other hand is a fan x1000. Stans have a clouded judgment when it comes to thier favorite artist.Stans become obsessive and resort to idolatry.This way of thinking can make a stan believe that thier favorite artist is infallible/immortal or the messiah for that matter.Latching on to every piece of work that an artist puts out and convincing themselves that everything they touch is certified diamond,even when they know deep down they dont like it.Think back to eminems song Stan for a perfect example.Now some ppl are tech fans but I have witnessed first hand a few tech stans.Not on this site though because all of u are perfect.But judging from the way some of the stans act u would of thought tech ran into a burning building to save thier asses from certain death or maybe he let them claim his kids on thier taxes last year.Are u fuckin serious ppl??? Wake up stanleys Tech is a normal person who shits and pisses like the rest of us,although he is more talented than most hiphop srtists ive heard I realize he is human.Do you???Which one are??? u Fan or Stan??? Discuss.And if I have hurt any1nz feelings during this wonderful bit of prose feel free to diss.It makes me feel special!!!

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    If one things certain id say that if it werent for the stan or certain aspects of,a lot of artists wouldnt be eating as good as they do now.But i think ppl should draw the line somwhere( as some do) and dont let someone else's view's or opinions affect your judgement just because they made it into a hot line or song. Being able to think freely and voice an opinion so vividly is what sets Hiphop aside from other genres of music,and thats what makes it so hard hitting and emotional.In my opinion any way.

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    I'd have to say im a big fan and agree wit FRIZNOK about how we relate to the music. I've been listening to Tech for about 5 years now and through those 5 years ive noticd he's become one of the biggest underground rappers alive. Now they play his Like Yeah on MTV, its only a matter of time until mainstream cant hold him in the underground. hes better then mainstream rapper in my eyes.

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    hmmm am I a fan or a stan? I guess I might say a little of both. but I do like alot of other rap stars too. but tech is the top of the list. sooo it's a good question I hadn't thought about before. I guess it comes down to restraint and if you have a life and other things going on I guess. In getting to know tech one of the things I've come to like most is that he is down to earth and in alot of ways a regular guy who is jsut cool to talk and kick it with. He's not ALWAYS on stage like alot of people think. I work fulltime, go to school for another art degree and have a small family. I do work for other music artists too. So I guess i would say Imma medium

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    Everything Tech touches turns gold

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    Dukecityspecialist, i know exactly what your talking about and have been aware of this whole stan/fan thing goin on here and well...


    I am a Fan and cant fuckin stand STANS.. i have an annoying friend who is a Stan, and it is so hard to put up with him sometimes when he gets on one of his Tech N9ne rants. Dont get me wrong tech is my fav rapper and all that. I just dont idolize every fuckin thing he does and I dont find it amazing every time he breathes.

    BUT....on another note might as well adress this since its a common theme on this board.... alot of Juggalos are just Stan coated Stans dipped in Stan. I cant fuckin put up with it...I'll admit it, when I was younger I was a StanJuggalo, but i got older and realized ICP werent as amazing as I thought and I GREW THE FUCK UP...Im still down with the clown and all, I just dont see musicans as immortal gods or try to ride all over their balls all day talkin bout how cuz my fav musican raps backwards hes the best thing alive that ever happend ever period. Aw My Gawd!

    To all you Stans, your tech-n9ne-is-the-best-thing-since-sliced-bread type of suppourt, giddy upbeat optomism, and pathetic yearn for pointless and useless trivia and information about Tech N9ne is annoying and equal to the pitifullness on how little school girls used to latch onto Nysnc of the Basketreet Boys and go totally GAGA over them back in the day....this forum is full of these STANS and it makes me sad to see it happen on Techs own website...Its really embarassing....

    So to sum up, Stans, you giddy little school girls, STFU and get a life


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    i aint no stan but im a HUGE ASS fuckin fan...yes i HAVE heard the majority of his songs, n know most of the lyrics n shit...but i also know alot of other artists songs and lyrics...but id have 2 disagree with you on 1 point you've isnt human...hes a big bad wolf...with not a single song that aint the SHIT

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    yea deff a huge is my favorite rapper...there aint no one who can fuck wit him...BUT!!!!! i dnt think he is god or someshit like that..ppl relate to him cuz hes human and goes threw had shit just lik every1 else

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synide
    with not a single song that aint the SHIT

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