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Thread: Tech N9ne dream collabos

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    Tech N9ne dream collabos


    I was thinking about this the other day listenin to "Arab Money", busta rhymes and tech would be tha shit. Or how about Tech on a nice layed back Dre westside beat. Tech feat. Snoop? Tech on some neptunes shit?Maybe Tech n Bone thugs on a nice track together, bizzy and kaliko on da same cut. I dont kno just thrown out suggestions. On another note, I would never want to hear

    Tech n weezy
    Tech n Game
    hmm I bet Tech n T-pain could pull some shit off, dont hate TP is talented

    eh just bullshitn, let me kno wat uall think

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    Yo, fuck the whole T-Pain bullshit. Tech would have 2 stuplify himself and plus T-Pain dont have talent, his computer does! If he gon du any collab, it should be wit Em. If he brought back his old , it would take anything on the radio.

  3. #3 it and busta would be okay...but busta has never impresssed me that much..
    tech on a laid back dr.dre beat...not fealing it...i aint been a big fan of dre...motherfucker procastinates too much on shit..and his new shit is soundin all the same...
    tech feat. snoop? ONLY...and i mean ONLY if snoop went back to the he had when he was ridin' wit pac....ONLY
    NEPTUNES....fuck further comment
    bone thugs and tech...FUCKING AMAZING...and SHOULD happen...i could see tech and krayzie exchanging fire ass verses....
    tech and weezy....would be a hit...period...REGARDLESS of what all the immature children think of Lil Wayne, but regardless he makes hits, and gets that money...
    tech and game??? fuck game....REGIME would never fuk wit game....him and yuk are too tight...and if you dont know YUKMOUTH and the regime murked games didnt have any disses to game..but you dont go against tha grain.....
    t-pain and tech would be.........................i have no idea.....and NOONE else stop sayin it would suck....obviously t-pain been doin somethin right...hes rich and on everyones albums...

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    tech and crooked I definitly tech and em again tech and busta tech and chamillionaire tech and immortal technique

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    Personally I am not a fan of T-Pain's but I know for a fact that he can sing without his effect. It's people like Kanye that bug me when they use it. Look up some of Kanye's songs when he sings em live. Awful. As Tech would say "I love Kanye his shit is bombay, but I'm rough." But then again I don't love Kanye. Whatev, to each his own. Tech could kill a track with anybody though, even if I had to fast forward the other guys part just to hear his. He's that good mang.

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    yeah...uh... idk if tech would do any songs with them...maybe game
    honestly it should be
    tech and eminem
    tech and linkin park
    tech and Biz Markie
    tech and as much as idk if he would, Luda. they both got that powerful sound. Tech just has good lyrics to go with it
    tech and busta would be crazy good

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    I'd like to see him do stuff with Bone thugs, Twista, Luda, How about Three 6 Mafia? or Lord Infamous formaly of 3-6, they both have some different minded stuff ya know.

    Tech n Bust-a-Bust would be cool too, I can hear them doin' sumthin hot.

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    Tech really should do a collabo but not with t-pain it just wouldn't seem like tech and i ain't hatin on t-pain i just think tech would over power him... here's my ideas which i agree with alot of other people.. eminem, bone thugs, jay z (maybe), and maybe sum other unknown artists that aren't mainstream but that's new and fresh know mean? but that's just my idea and i'm one of thousands....


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    I would say it should be Tech N9ne ft. Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Dirtball - i think those 4 would make a hella sick track

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