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Thread: tech n9ne and 50 cent?

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    tech n9ne and 50 cent?

    tech mentions 50 a few times in everready. once in this is me and another time in come gangsta.

    i've been wondering if they have some sort of past or maybe a collabo?

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    He's mentioned he likes 50's Music but anything beyond that I don't know.

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    Senior Member SyNiKaL's Avatar
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    I'm sorry but that is one collab I just don't want to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris
    i would wanna see that shit happen they got two completely different s but then again they both on that rough gritty shit it would be crazy
    no are u fucking kidding me..why is this even mentioned...50 cent is a snitch ass rat who cant rap for shit....that would be a horrible collabo...damn these fucking threads putting tech wit someone else....who the fuck cares? god damnittt....

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    Senior Member MistaQ's Avatar
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    I doubt they ever hooked up musically, and i'm not sure if i'd want them to, but u never know, Strange is all about being different from the everyday BS u hear......

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    haha maybe 50 could sing th chorus

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    50 aint even in the same league. Techs cool with Eminem and thats Ems boy so Im sure thats the only reason he gives him shout outs. Hell he even gives Kanye shout outs and Kanye is weak. Tech just dont hate like everyone else thats why he does what he does.

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    fitty's done homie, end of thread

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    50 Cent is gourmet garbage....

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    Yo 50s weak i would b dissapointed in my man TECH if he ever did anything wit 50 people think jus cause hes ems protogea and em is dres protogea that they found sumthin in 50 but f**k 50 he snithchin wannabe gangsta pussy

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