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Thread: if u dont wanna help then dont look at this

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    if u dont wanna help then dont look at this

    can someone help me there r 6 songs i havent heard off of paranormal yet they r tell a tale of two hearts, farewell, fuck you, perception deception, hate, and full moon if u can put them on youtube i would appreciate ya if not then sorry 4 wastin ur time

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    Be a real fan and buy the album and quit downloading shit off the internet and support the record label thats been bring hella good music for more then a decade!!!!

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    hahaha good shit bro send his ass straight to and buy that shit!!

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    if i had the money i would buy it dumbass if u woulda read the forum i said songs i havent heard yet not downloaded yet u stupid ass butt fuckers i do support my artists when i got the money and when i dont i listen to the music on youtube till i can buy it

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    The album is like 9.99 on itunes. if you can not hustle up a doller a day for 10 days or even 10 dollars in one day. (not that hard) then you must not want to hear those songs that bad...

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    i dont even have itunes fuckos and if im gonna buy somethin its gonna b a hard copy not a internet deal all yall wanna talk shit but at the end of the day all im askin is for someone to put them on youtube so i can fuckin listen to them if yall dont wanna help a fellow stranger out then fuck off u aint gotta look at this disscusion much less comment on it either help me out of fuck off fuckin cunts

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    this guy again smfh -_-

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    lol always with the "fellow stranger" shit. buy the fucking music if ur a fellow stranger if u want the music that bad. if u dont have it, rob a fucking bank

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    I don't buy shit off iTunes, I prefer the CD. So I go to Best Buy, or almost any other record store, during the first week of release and the CD will be $9.99. After that it skyrockets up to an absurd $12.99 or something (heavy sarcasm). If you have the money for the internet and the time to sit here and make a post, then you can afford a CD for under fifteen bucks.

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