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Thread: New Strange Artists

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    New Strange Artists

    Besides the ones we know that are on the label (Tech, Krizz, Skatterman and Snug Brim, Kutt Calhoun, Prozak, Critical Bill, Project Deadman, and Grave Plott) who else is on the label? Is Ill Bill officially Signed to strange or was that just for The Hour of Reprisal? Who else do I need to keep and extra $18 in my wallet and be on the look out for?

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    critical bill is not signed to the label. kill yourself.

    and strange had nothing to do with hour of reprisal. kill yourself slowly.

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    Really then why did strange promote hour of reprisal??? and why is strange's logo on the album... and if critical bill wasn't part of the label then why did tech promote em? How bout u answer the damn question instead of tryna find something negative to post on... I had peeps that feed like that... your prolly some 14 yr old kid that thinks he knows everything bout strange huh... can i get real feed on the topic please thanks... Gone

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    LOL obviously you don't know the difference in being signed to a label and having a distribution deal.

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    i would seriously doubt you would find a strange logo on Hour Of Reprisal. being how it was released on Uncle Howie and distributed by Fat Beats. but if you insist, then ok, your right, i dont know anything. i dont know that critical bill have been off the label from shortly after everready dropped, i dont know that strange wouldnt meet the terms that ill bill was asking for so he signed the distribution deal with fat beats and not strange and the only reason strange promo'ed the album was cuz they thought the album would come out on strange and because bill was on tour with strange....

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    pyro you know im talking to the thread starter right?? Us siccness members know everything there is to know about Tech

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    Well here is what happened with Critical Bill & ill Bill.

    Critical Bill were going to originaly sign with Strange, but due to a different deal offered to them via Fontana Direct, they for what ever chose to go with the distribution deal offered to them instead.

    The guys in Critical are still friends with everyone at Strange, Michael Scott, and Powerdise just bought "The Hayloft" a venue in detroit for shows/rehearsal, and more recording time, they want to tour but more on their time...that's just how it goes.

    Ill Bill- NEVER was signed to Strange, But Ill Bill is still cool with everyone. He was going to release Hour of Reprisal via Strange, but him & Travis couldn't come to agreement's on a contract, So Ill Bill took the material which he owned to Fat Beats. Ill Bill will still work with Strange, but after his european tore wit hBig Left, they come back to the states, and will be workin on the KMK/sen Dog/La Coka Nostra tour (at least as of 2 nights ago that's the goal)

    Critical Bill on the Hand, from my understanding (this is from dj Tom Sawyer & Powerdise) Might be going in to record the sophomore album, possibly with Distro again through Fontana but they would like to try to re-negotiate the Original Contract offered to them by Strange Music (if that happens we will see), so that they can maintain their venue, and be able to tour nationally again.

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    yea i know. i was too lazy to quote that guy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rmillerpacers31
    pyro you know im talking to the thread starter right?? Us siccness members know everything there is to know about Tech

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    ok.. neither of u are wrong... critical bill was signed to strange but they are not anymore... tech promotes em cuz they friends... cant we all just get along... hahaha

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    I do know ill bill sucks ass

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