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    Went to the Tech KMK and ICP show in Denver about 5 or 6 years ago, we went a few hours early to see if we sould find some artists. We found Techs bus and he came out and chatted with us and signed autographs He was limping cause he broke his foot the night before,but still did an incredable show on a broken foot!!! Someone asked if it hurt and Tech replied "I cant even feel it cause im so fucked up"...He had SPUN on his face,that was fitting.......ill never forget that day!!!

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    The first time I met Tech N9ne face-to-face was July 20th 2007 at F.Y.E. He was signing autographs for his MLK album release. Krizz and Kutt were there, too, which I had no idea, so I was soooo excited! I went there with my sister and my 2 year old daughter (at the time) and we were standing in line. I saw Tech walkin out and I was funny. I finally got up and was talkin to Krizz and Kutt and told them how much I loved them and how my daughter likes them too (she was really shy that day). I got all nervous when I walked up to Tech and I told him I was scared. He was all like "Why is that?" I said "Because I'm in love with you, but I'm married." lol Then he was all like, "Does your husband know?" I said yes. lol I introduced my daughter to him and she ws really shy. She gave him a pic that she drew for him and he folded it and put it in his back pocket. We took a few pics (one of which was where he was helping hold my daughter up - check out my pics on my page), talked, signed autographs, hugged, it was absolutely amazing. I never wanted it to end!!! I've seen him in concert 3 times now, but I've only got to meet him the one time. I hope to meet him again in the near future!!!

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    Shit,I dont even remember the first time I met Tech,its been about 6-7 times,It started at a signing but i rapped for em,then we met again,and he remembered me,and took me back stage to rap for the strange camp,and he gave me the cellie number,then there was some time we kicked it when he was in stlouis with bone,and most recently at the strickly strange tour at the signing he had me rap on the dvd their making and brought me up on stage to propose to my fiance...gangster shit,anyway,im not a groupie n shit hes just the homeboy now,hope to do music with em one day.Right on Tech for listenen to me and actin like u like my shit,,,,,,,,holler atcha boi....stloius baby,mizzery,Daze

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    my very 1st time meetin tech n9ne was in los angeles at the key club i was asked to help put up posters an what not around the club he cam up to me sayin hi ma how u doing i was just lost of words i didnt no wat to say or do an my 1st time i meat krizz, kuttie kal, an my G JOE vertigo was at my home town FRESNO krizz an kut was just chillin by there tour bus wen i was walking to my car joe krizz an kut called me over to them asking about my shoes that i had on. i had sum shoes custom made an they was taking piks of them an sayin o thoes are sik an wat not i asked for tech an they said he was sleep on the tour bus so i was bum out that i couldnt spent half the day wit him but it was all gud i got to kick it an chat up with krizz kut an joe. now wen they see me all of tech n9ne staff an joe vertigo know me by the gurl with the shoe in fresno much love keep up the gud work TECH, KRIZZ,KUTT,AN JOE love always Felicia aka SDUB

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    Miami Slice in Lincoln, NE I was next in line at a signing, as soon as we locked eyes it was like running in to an longtime homie. We locked up, he stepped back, looked me up and down smiled and said "They don't know nuttin bout tha dickies"
    After he signed all my merchandise I turned to Travis O and he said "Do you want a picture on the polaroid or do you have you own?" I gave him mine and he took a picture that I would never forget. STRANGE MUSIC 4 LIFE! Technician since '99

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    I went to the strictly strange tour '08 whn it kame 2 the Fillmore in denver n i got the V.I.P. pazz. I got 2 meet prozak, krizz kaliko, kutt calhoun, skatterman & snug brim, n grave plott. Tech waz 1 of the mozt chill n down 2 earth ppl i ever met. That iz probly an experience I will never 4get.

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    First time I met Tech, as well as Krizz and Kutt was when they came to D.C. a few years ago, at Club Nation, and opened up the ICP tour. Bone Thugs was there too, hype concert. I was on my celly with a friend of his who kept buggin me to give him my phone, so I did and he chatted wit her for a bit.

    That was same tour he hurt his ankle and was walkin' around with that red cane for a while. Showed the fans mad luv.

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    The 1st time I met Tech was also the 1st time I ever heard of him. I went to an ICP instore in KC,MO. The whole time there was a trailer with this "crazy looking black guy on it". So after the instore I was waiting by the doors for ICP to come out. This "normal looking black guy walks up to go in the store. I told him who was inside and said I didnt know if he could go in or not. He knocked and got in and came out a few min later. When he walked out, he handed me a sampler called Anghellic. After he walked away, I realized he was the crazy black guy! So once I was on my way home back to the Lou, I popped the c.d. in and was expecting some thing lame. To my pure amazement, it was one of the most jaw dropping shit Ive ever heard. I waited so impatiently for that album to drop. I just remember being so excited and amazed by this, I was only 17 yrs old at the time. Its a really great memory for me.

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    summer jam last year here in kck b4 the show in the vip thing. it was crazy because i was nervous and it was finaly my chance to meet him. then i met him some more times and even this year summer jam 2. the rest yaw already know.

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