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Thread: Who do you want to see Tech Battle?

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    Who do you want to see Tech Battle?

    Personally I'd say lil wayne, and gunit.
    Is this line from Yada, Yada, Yada against Lil wayne: Watch the weezy, he's lots of talk fo sheezy.

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    Nah that track is strictly for don juan for turnin on him........from my understanding.

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    Twista he's fast but no substance.

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    Has anyone really answered this question yet??? I'll say somethin that is totally my opinion and not tech's but I would've enjoyed it if tech didn't side with soulja boy in the beef wit him and ice-t...the intro of crybaby, tech said the same exact thing that kanye said when kanye publically took soulja boys side...talkin bout commin outta poverty and doin positive in hip hop and shit. Ice-t said that soulja boy actually killed hip hop and then later apologized for that saying BUT...the music is still garbage. I wish both tech and kanye woulda manned up and said that the music is in fact, garbage!

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    tech does not battle, Eminem is probably the best at that, although Tech is the best rapper hands down

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