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Thread: Throw me some criticism on my own work

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    Throw me some criticism on my own work

    What's up y'all, I thought this would be a perfect place to get some people to listen to my own work I've done over the past couple years. There's only six songs I ask you guys listen to, and if you like what you hear there's plenty more where that came from. I uploaded all of them to my profile, so you can either go to my myspace page or just simply click on my name and check the playlist in my profile. My name's BMC, and I'm the one with the higher, whiter voice on all the tracks. They're all under the name Kollage though, which is my group comprised of me and my producer (Drick G AKA Freddy B. AKA Frederick Tha Great) who just so happens to rap (deeper voice) on all of the tracks as well. All of the songs except for Safe, which is the first record off my new project, are from the album Sea City that we recorded in Hollywood a couple years ago. Give em a listen and let me know what you think, all criticism whether good or bad is appreciated. Thanks in advance and enjoy! OR
    just click on my forum name

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    lol 2008 and this is the first reply haha

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    get cha music on foo!

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    Broke ass beats

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