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Thread: Who are your top 30

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    Who are your top 30

    Since it seems like most this site only listens to strange music and nothing else, I wanna see who your favorites are...damn am I curious to see what pops up...
    And be honest people, I said favorites, not necessarily the best. 30 should be easy if you listen to rap...

    In absolutely no particular order...
    Immortal Technique
    LL Cool J (his older shit more the less)
    Method Man
    Lloyd Banks
    Kanye West (he's made his name, fuck you)
    Big L
    Big Pun
    Tech N9ne
    Snoop Dogg
    Lil Wayne
    Royce Da 5'9
    Brother Ali
    Krazy Bone
    Bizzy Bone
    Busta Rhymes
    Talib Kweli
    Dr. Dre
    Big Boi
    Andre 3000
    Black Thought
    Snoop Dogg

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    Bone Thugs
    King Gordy
    Spice 1
    The Luniz
    Wu-Tang Clan
    BooYaa T.R.I.B.E.
    Ice Cube
    Dr. Dre
    Busta Ryhmes
    ILL Bill
    Immortal Technique
    sic Jacen & Psychorealm
    Dypress Hill
    Mellowman Ace
    paul wall
    CeeKay Jones
    Shifty (from Crazy Town)
    Dayton Family
    lil Kim

    Shit want me to keep goin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight
    Shit want me to keep goin?
    Haha, thats what I said...maybe we should make it 50

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    In Alphabetical order

    1. 2Pac
    2. Busta Rhymes
    3. Camron
    4. Cashis
    5. Cassidy
    6. Crooked I
    7. Cyssero
    8. D12
    9. DMX
    10. Eminem
    11. Fabolous
    12. Game
    13. Ice Cube
    14. Jadakiss
    15. Kanye West
    16. Llyod Banks
    17. Ludacirs
    18. Nas
    19. Obie Trice
    20. Papoose
    21. Proof
    22. Royce Da 5'9"
    23. Stat Quo
    24. T.I.
    25. Trick Trick
    26. Twista
    27. Twiztid
    28. X Clan
    29. Young Buck
    30 Yukmouth

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    oh believe me bro i feel ya on the dickriding on this website but alot i sense isnt even tech and strange its that psychopathic stuff! Believe me im just a little white boy but im up on my hip-hip its all i listen to most of the damn time. Me and my buddy focus our conversations on the state of hip hop and who we like and shit. I mean ya gotta expect some tech bias since its a tech website but people are so fucking close-minded calling everyone a "mainstream" bitch and shit. Its this kind of shit that ir ruining hip hop but anyway man i give to my top also in no order

    Ludacris-just picked up his new cd today,he picked his game up
    T.I.-Paper trail wasnt his best cd but it is the best cd i picked up this yar besides killer
    young buck-- alot of his g-unit shit was the best but i fell he could have a decent solo career
    50 cent- one of my all-time faves the man has talent has fallen off a bit but im ready for before i self destruct!!
    Lloyd Banks-One of the most underrated rappers i have seen great lyrical ability but never gets proper recognition
    DMX-a guy i feel never got proper mainstream appeal a very diffrent people bought into though
    Eminem--Legend all i can say sickwidit
    obie Trice-- another underrated artist who did his thing on shady records we will see where he goes from here
    E-40--the hyphy king his career really took off after the song with t-pain but i feel it was for the best for him
    cashis-- still getting his name up expect him all over the big 3's cds next year
    Dr. Dre- Another legend (come on man we all waiting for detox)
    Lil wayne-- not my big favorite at all but he is doing his thing and i can respect that
    Jay z- guy has come on strong and when he puts effort into a song its fire
    Tech n9ne-- Everything that has been said about tech is true this man is a genius and hopefully wont die without tasting full fame
    Chamillionaire- jesus one of the guys always in my cd player has so many bangers and i loved ultimate victory no matter what anyone says cant wait for Venom!!!
    Plies- A diffrent southern that i really dig his love songs kinda suck but his gangsta shit is badass
    D-12-my boys always throw it down on albums usually 20 songs of straight heat
    Hollywood undead- the white d-12 very new sound and i love it
    ice cube- needs to put his focus back strictly on music but his cd this year still wasn't too bad
    t-pain- king of the auto-tune Three Ringzz isnt his best cd at all i personally liked epiphany better
    lil scrappy-prince of the south hasn't come out with anything new for a minute but im sure with 50 cent and lil hon behind him he cant go wrong
    outkast- hear a new cd is brewing big boi and andre 3000 are amazing we will see what they can do again
    the game-- Some of the things he raps about are getting old but you cant deny the guy had real raw talent
    biggie smalls- i like him better than 2pac just a personal thing but i love that old shit
    xzibit- man can get you up and out of your seat with those battle lyrics
    mos def- i dig the cant really tell ya why its just badass
    rakim- has influenced every other rapper in some way
    scarface-- has done his things needs some better newer stuff though
    wyclef jean-- his tances are sometimes a little off the wall but he can spit
    flo-rida- a mainstream artist but i feel he has the ryhmes to be more thna just a fad
    busta rhymes--cant forget busta i mean its in his name he can fucking bust with the best

    hope i proved some shit to ya i am very open-minded with my hip-hip i love hip-hop and what some of these peeps listen to aint hip-hip ya know what im sizzling man????

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    30...Fuck I'll say 10.
    Tech N9ne and all the Strange Music guys, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Lil Wayne, T.I., Three 6 Mafia, Kottonmouth Kings, 2pac, Method Man, Redman.

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    Big L, Tech N9ne, BIG, Outkast, T Rock, Lupe Fiasco, Bone, Do or Die, Z Ro, Trae, Devin The Dude, Twista, Nas, UGK, Brotha Lynch, Three 6 Mafia, DJ QBert, The Game, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Busta Rhymes' old shit, Mos Def, Talib Kwali, Dayton Family, Luniz, Akinyele, Too Short's old shit, Papoose, some Fabolous, Cassidy, the list goes on forever

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    My top 20....not in order but I labeled them all and gave a reason......

    5.Beastie Boys (how can you not put these fuckers on here? oh wait I know you werent born yet!! get Licensced to ILL it will change you)
    6.Common (so smooth)
    8.The Roots (ic)
    2.Tech N9ne (Most rediculous delivery ever/ best live performance)
    1.Eminem (hate all you want but when it comes down to overall he has it)
    4.Immortal Technique ( the most intelligent rapper ive ever heard)
    7.MAC DRE (RIP) ( has 22 albums released....and started the Hyphy movement in the YAY area god rest his soul)
    3.DZK (hardcore underground shit)
    10.LL Cool J (pioneer)
    9.Dr. Dre (come on who doesnt like this motha fucka)
    12.Bizzy Bone (come on tech!! collab!!!)
    11.Outkast (unique)
    13.Tupac (over rated all time, but best for his time)
    19.Nas (..illmatic)
    18.Twista (cat has a crazy tongue)
    17.Atmosphere (great emotional rapper)
    15.Brotha Lynch (redic flow)
    16.RUN DMC (uhh anyone who doesnt like them should start listening to fucking EMO shit cuz the started it all)
    14.Busta Ryhmes (reminds me of tech n9ne alot with the delievery)
    20. Ice Cube ( gangster rap at its best)

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    Haha thats tight you put DZK, I didn't know anyone else had heard of him...some nice lists though, cool to see what everyone else is listenin to, seen a lot of the runnerups i was bout to put on mine

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