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    Triple T

    This was a TIGHT concert as it is always I cant believe Tech came so early I go to every one since i was 16 i think i only missed 3 shows at most....the very 1st concert at Ogden i went to i didnt even know who you were but just by the performance you got everyone goin and your energy is incredible and having mosh pits at a rap concert is insane!!!!! you draw crowds of every type of people and thats whats up=) but yeah i met you the first concert in the alley by your van at ogden and got a t-shrit signed by you and your so chill and like a normal everyday person and dont act like these other famous ppl that are to good for us...i hope you come again soon in the new year thats what i look forward to all year long cuz i have so much fun! I love that song 'I Love You, But Fuck You!" thats so true...things will never be the same wit me...[lol] im sad though you didnt do THIS RING and you always do whats really going on! Your show was crunk and i hope D-town MILE HIGH is a one of a kind area that treats and shows you love i try to bring all the people i know to mobb deep and show you some love....Always a fan ...Triple T

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