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Thread: Denver last night - BEST TECH N9NE SHOW EVER. Anybody go?

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    Denver last night - BEST TECH N9NE SHOW EVER. Anybody go?

    It just keeps getting bigger and better... I live 11 hours away but heard that the Denver shows are always crazy... it lived up... sick sick sick. Did you go, and if so, what was the best part?

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    Junior Member ElJay's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Hell ya shit was sic, 33 mutha fucin songs shit was dope.

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    Senior Member Blizzum's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    yall is luckey.... i wish i was there man............... =(

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    Did you notice that tech was sittin on stage the hole show after graveplott came out

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    i thought that too Makai but i figured out what they did. That was a robot thing that looked like tech and when they acted like they were having trouble tearing down the prozak sign tech switched out with the robot and sat down. There is no friggin way tech was sitting on that stage for two hours lol would have been funny though it was badass!!!!!!!!!!! best tech n9ne concert i have ever been 2 and also the best acts. All of strange music i think that it what he needs to stick with the energy was there all night !!!!!!! Sakt and Snug tore the stage up The the three kings jesus christ wow!!!!!!! Tell me another performer who could put together a 2 hour set.. Nobody!!!!!!!!!!! Tech is a beast

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    Junior Member Tasha D's Avatar
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    Tech N9ne your the shit and D-Town Mile HIGH [303] wouldnt be hyphy or get so crunk if your energy wasnt the greatest!!! you drive crowds from every type of person and bring them altogether in one venue...i was sad cuz you didnt do "THIS RING"! you always do...[wats really going on]lol=) i sure hope our crowd in Denver is one of the best cuz we all get excited to hear your coming to our Town! and the crowd surfing was the shit...Lovin' It..Tashia

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    One of the best shows so far and ive been to 14 straight in denver.there aint shit better then kickin it in line all day gettin drunk wit other tech fans. and its about time they finally did something about peps tryin to skip in line and crowdin and shit right when they start letin peps in.

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    yeah me and my brother was there. Loved the ENTIRE thing, i been to a bunch of tech shows and this was one of the sickest for sure. We were RIGHT up front (VIP) and when killa c came out he literally pushed my hand out the way to hold on to the rail. THat wasnt the best part, but it was pretty ill and i'm not a HUGE GP fan but it was pretty cool......and Kutt kicked me in the head during his stage

    entire experience was so much fun

    BIG UPS to the dude dancing ALL DAY and was next to me during the show. loved the ENTIRE show and everybody was super cool at the meet and greet except for GP who kind of seemed like they didnt want to be there...idk, could have just been when i was there

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    Junior Member MiSS N9NE's Avatar
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    hell ya i was there! it was bad ass!! he loves denver thats for sure! i mean why didnt he do kc the last night? ya know haha but shit it was bad ass! and meetin him was sooo cool...he is a sweetheart and it was my dream come true!!!

    Miss N9ne<3

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    I'd love to see Tech or a Psychopathic Records show in Denver. Y'all totally kill a lot of the other cities!

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