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Thread: where grant rice?

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    where grant rice?

    i just was wondering where grant rice is at. he was techs hype man threw angellic and absolute power. and he just dissapeared. i recdently got his album frant rice and the empired crowned that came out in 04 and on track he says something about how travis didnt want him around and he didnt know why and neither does tech kutt or kali know and that he talks to tech every day still . so anyone know the story about it

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    I recently read somewhere (I think on that Grant Rice had some disputes or disagreements about certain things and was no longer part of the label. I have no idea where he is or what he is doing. You can always check out his myspace page:
    I think that's the right page for him. So yeah. Hope that info was helpful. ~MUCH STRANGE LUV~

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    Well Grant leaft but it still homies with Kutt, he had a difference in opinion on his personal image, and music he wanted to do so he went solo, he also started his own indie label but is looking for distribution.

    you can find him on his myspace page, he answers his shyt on his own mostly

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    lol, u diggin up some old shit Siikez? I actually answered one of them lol

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