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    WAts alll yalls opinions of the wicked clowns and all the psychopath shit? im just startin to get into and i knw techs ku wit all them but wat do yall think? I think songs like thug pit mad house serial killaz and bury em alll or sik as hell. But wat do you guys think bout his relationship and all that wit them

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    The shit was good back in the 90's

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    some juggalos tryed talkin shit to my because i said i was a tech fan....

    idk they said if it wasent for icp (and some one els i cant remember) that tech wouldnt be shit.....

    so i had to let them know what was up with tech........

    i feel that sum Juggalos really like tech but sum just put on a those ones who were talkin shit to me i bet that those same guys wouldnt say that to tech in his face (they proly just tell him what big fans they are)

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    I Love Twiztid and Love Tech, Potluck is from Subnoize records and I love their Music too, ABK and Blaze ya dead homie I listen to aswell

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    Twiztid is the shit, and ICP, ABK, and everyone else is ight, but out of all of them Twiztid is my favorite. Thug Pit is by far my favorite song from everyone, and theres a list of great songs from everybody, so yeah I'm a fan.

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    just no is all i can say

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    I like all of psychopathic records. i think ICP might rap about some weird shit but they deffinitly put on one of the best shows today.there true intertainers and care deeply about there is the shit too. ive been to 14 shows in denver now and his shows are still fav colabo of tech 9 and psychopathic records is deffinitly "I need help". check that shit out if you havent heard it.

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    The reaon why i like their music is its different and it gives my mind a break from everyday reality. And in actuality alot of their songs relate to serious topics but they just put it in their own words, and I dont think people understand that so thats why people say they dont make any sense. As i found out by attending this years gathering, yes alot of juggalos are immature retards and i wished these people would of just stayed home instead of ruining it for the rest. I think Twiztid's music is moving in a better direction than ICP's. Im definately happy that they added Boondox to the roster, I'd choose him over abk and blaze anyday. They could never go wrong with Dark Lotus either, there has been 3 cds released and every single one is the shit. As far as tech n9ne, he is the greatest rapper on this planet. He should be as big as lil wayne right now. But like alot of other fans I discovered him though a gathering that I went to and in a way he does have to give some credit to psychopathic for some of his exposure over the years.

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    Wel hear's what i say, if your wantin to know more about the artists give them a listen, no one can tell you what you will or won't like. Twiztid have some tight tracks, ICP does too, Juggalo's are the fanbase/market, and they are the ones that buy merch at shows, the kids that really try to show how much they support what by the amount of shwag they have.

    Fact: Alot of people Have and Will continue to hate on tech for his association with labels like Suburban Noize, and Psychopathic records, but its all music.

    Fact: Some of the best fans you will have are those juggalo's because they bring their friends and crew with them to shows to get buck and have a wild time.

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    Juggalo and Jugglettes are followers. They are lost and don't have their own identity, it's like a street gang. Same idea. The majority of the folks I have met that have claimed they are juggalos have been nothing but kids and some adults who put more effort into acting like a clown then doing something with themselves. ICP has entertainment value, that's where their talent lies. Tech is a monster, and I have followed his career for many years. He is truly talented.

    I think that Tech needs to keep true to himself, get back to basics. He's become mainstream alternative...
    He wanted to make it, and hes had huge successes with and without the others. He is a motivated and talented enough person, as are the people that have been with him from the get go, to branch out and do whatever the hell he wants. True fans fucking love Tech, we don't have to dress up like clowns and fight and get fucked up to appreciate his Talent and have a good time.

    People who claim to be Juggalos are retards....Get a hobby. I grew up with kids that were assholes, trying to be something they are not. Juggalo's are worse than Wiggers!!!!!

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