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    If yer down with Tech and from KC show some love!! Tell a story about chillin with Tech, goin to a Tech show, or just rep KC and the surrounding areas!!!

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    I remember when he would come out to the high school football games here in Olathe. We would always see him at Old Settlers too! Haha

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    I bought The Calm Before The Storm at the Oak Park mall a few days after it came out.

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    all day baby 816 up in gladstone down to leavinworth but im in vegas

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    Comin straight out of Lenexa, KS. I've never met tech or any of the strange crew, but i've been to 3 shows (fire & ice, SN08, SS08) and all of them have been off tha wall. At strictly strange, my buddy got extremely high and dehydrated and passed out, just shows you how raw his shows can be. I was rollin like a mothafucka at Strange noize, which was a great experience. A lot of my friends from skool have seen tech and kaliko around town. Best Buy, The Outback, Fudruckers off Metcalf. Hopin ill run into one of them one day...

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    Ya man me and my girl were at the Strictly Strange show at the Uptown and we got to meet Krizz Kaliko after the show! My girl took a pic with him and he signed my ticket.. It was pretty dope

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    Kickin it at Satin Dolls....Good Times Baby

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    First time i ever heard of Tech N9ne i was in a juvenille R.T.F., in Olathe Ks, me and some of the other ppl I was with, we went to KC Mo, as a "trip" this kid through me a cd and told me to check it out telling me it was from a Kat named Tech N9ne, I popped in the cd, and was like damn thats some chill shyt!

    About a week Later, on another trip we went out to the Ruff Ryders Tour show (Method Man, Redman, DMX,and others were on th bill) I popped in the cd, and alot of the guys were like "WTF IS THIS?!" 3 songs later everyone one in the van was hooked. Fast forward a few years later, and I meet Eric Hawke, and he introduces me to Kutt, the guys in Critical, and Tech, from there on every time Tech came through my region (omaha, Lincoln nebrask, Sioux city, Iowa, or Sioux Falls) I was there, and always got to chillax with everyone and jus bullshit.

    Since then it's jus been a hella fun time, but thats my story.

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