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Thread: Why no east coast love on the Strictly Strange 08

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    Why no east coast love on the Strictly Strange 08

    I mean no disrespect to Tech, but i really wanna see all of them and i'm broke so i can't go no where, he should do this shit he had a great year and needs to show some love here for real. NEW YORK!

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    I really think he bases his tour stops off where the bulk of his cd sales come from and the east coast hasn't discovered the tech as much as the west side. Tell all your friends to go out and buy those shits!!!!!!!

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    ive gone to his past 2 shows at the palladium in worchester mass and both shows were pretty packed... i was pretty sad when i saw he wasnt comin to the east coast becuase i didnt mind seeing kottonmouth kings and sub noize, but im a strange music fan and like all the artists and would have loved to see them all preform. oh well next time i guess

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    Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island peeps all pack a Worcester, MA show. Tech is big in the North East.

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    RENO...everytime tech comes to RENO, NV he sells out...WE love tech here....KEEP IT UP TECH WE GOT UR BACK TILL THE DEATH...

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    I dont think it has to do with sales cause on every other tour they came out this way.. i drove out to cleveland 6 1/2 hours for another meet and greet(closest they came) and big krizz told me they were tryin to but didnt work out with promoters. im guessin cause there was no other act with them. but he also told me that they wil make a point of it to have some east coast love next tour.

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    WORCESTER MASS Shows be poppin!!!!!!
    If u can next time we get 2009 tour save up and hit Worcester up. Those of u that were at Strange Noize 2 know that was a dope ass show. The line went n for

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    word up 716 western newyork!!!! tech needs 2 come out 2 buffalo!!!

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