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    I understand its really really really lame to talk shit over the internet especially about something as petty as what kinda music you like so i send an apology to NATE WELLS AND PSYDCO I BELIEVE if i got your names wrong again sorry. But yeah i only jumped on nate cause these other guys had tested my nerves!! I did not mean to yell at you and i really have no prob with juggalo fans just the ones who turn thier back on tech and thats obviously not you gys cause well..........your on his website........ So again i apologize and if i offended you guys in any way let me know.????....... send me a message or just reply to this and after i hear waht you got to say i will close the discussion. But yeah guys it was really immature of me sorry and shit!!!!!!! hit me up please.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prinzyk
    *Goes into Steve Urwin's voice*
    Now you will see a rare ivy9 killah, his habitat is "tha streetz", Oh he's a viscious on aye!, CROYKIE! LOOK AT THAT, he's apologizing to our species! Look at this close rareeee glimpse of him apologizing to people over the intarwabz.

    Description: The ivy9 killah is often mistakken for a joke, or Vanilla Ice
    - Usually wears sunglasses
    - Wears a hat which seems to be protecting nothing facial
    - And cares about feelings over the internet, and also gets offended over the internet

    Now what I am thinking here is. Due to his lack of attention by this mediocre E-pology, I felt it would be in mine and his best interest, if I, boost this topic back up. We all owe an apology. For fucking ivy9's mother.
    dude i cant stop laughing bwahahaha man you gota give it to him tho least he is apologising just another thing dude its the internet man fuck who cares if you piss a few people off they get over it its not like its goin to wreck there day so dont stew over it harden up man

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