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Thread: the unreleased Everready songs

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    the unreleased Everready songs

    i remember hearing about a bunch of songs that weren't released on the album.
    tracks like "Sleeping Beauty"
    how many songs are there (I'm talking about the Everready period, right?)? who produced them?

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    i see no one knows them?

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    there's Sleeping Beauty, theres also a song called Turn, there was In My Head which got released early, but tech put it in the strange music library. That's all i know of, and thats all i think there is.
    You can hear the song Turn here

    Hope that helped mate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Funky Funati
    i see no one knows them?

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    At the end of "Money" on the Strictly Stange VIP CD it says everready the religion 2005.???

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    yeah, that was the evveready period, miss gottalotofit and world gone crazy might have been to, i fink the comment about 2005 was probably when tech recorded the song. Money probably didn't make the final cut on evveready.

    Quote Originally Posted by whitetECHN9NE
    At the end of "Money" on the Strictly Stange VIP CD it says everready the religion 2005.???

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    10x Fahid!

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    what does that mean? lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Funky Funati
    10x Fahid!

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    FOR those who seem to be a bit confused...
    Everready [the religion] was not an over night cd! aight.... that album was started... 03. 04 maybe but the REAL shit for that album came along much later.... 05/ 06... bein the psycho fan lovin showman that he is... he never came off Tour so his album never got released.... nor was it really completed anyways... Yeah I have a feeling that sleeping beauty was one of them... but Strange music still has a large collection of music made by and for Tech that has not beein released and has been considered for albums... Some of which were supposed to be on the 07 album titled "Isms - The Missing Scriptures" which was said to include alot of tracks that didnt make the cuts, but were still Sick Fuckin Tracks! including Money, Turn, and others... Tech felt the album was a bad idea and said "i dont wanna give my fans .... 3 year old music" and so he cut it out. BUT BEING A TECHNICIAN, i have only 1 thing to say to that... and I think I speak for all technicians... when I say... HOOK US UP WITH THOSE TRACKS... could be 20 years old... We want to hear it bro. this technician out.

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    You can hear alot of em on youtube just search the name... here's the entire discography though

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    can any of these songs be downloaded onto frostwire or limewire?

    i've got sleeping beauty but cant find any of the others

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