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Thread: Am I Strange Music Bound?

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    Am I Strange Music Bound?

    Hello all, My name is Oz, Check out my music at and let me know if you think I could get signed to Strange Music

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    well you are pretty damn good but i dont see you on strange you sound more like you'd fit better on smoke-a-lot records with yukmouth.

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    Junior Member Jetman's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    You definately got skill man. I liked "In All Honesty". No dissin, but not really strange material

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    I agree with Jetman, But anything is Possible. you got definate skills though.

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    Bro i like dat 10-17-08 track thats dope thats a real knock a nigga out joint i think you could be on strange man

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    well thank you all much appreciated

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    I like what i heard.
    I dont think anybody can really say that you dont have the right or whatever, cause you cant put the strange music artists into a group (tech, skatter & snugg, prozak) except there all speakin on some real shit.

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    Junior Member MikeMees's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Shit sounds dope homie keep it up,

    if it's not too much too ask ya'll should check my music out
    tell me what you think
    much love
    -Mike mees

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    For real thanks for the love all of you....feel free to add your boy on the myspace I got am Ep comin out soon, check for it

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    Junior Member Cronton83's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Yeah man, that's good shit. It's a little rough in some areas and would probably sound better with some mastering, but I dig it. From one musician to another, good work man!

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