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Thread: Who Is The Top 3 Best Featured Artists From All Of TheTech N9ne Albums?

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    Who Is The Top 3 Best Featured Artists From All Of TheTech N9ne Albums?

    I have already seen the question, "Who Is the Best Rapper?", but I want to know everyones opinion on this question, because there has been so many good ones and it's bound to get some good answers.

    I want to know, who is the top 3 best featured artists from all of the Tech N9ne albums? AND YOU CAN'T PICK, BIG KRIZZ OR KUTT CALHOUN, because they rap with him all the fucking time. Pick people who are more of 'guest appearances'. This should be a tough one, because there has been so many and you might have to do some research to refresh your memory.

    I guess I'll start it off.

    My Top 3 Featured Tech N9ne Artists Are:

    1. Brother Linch
    2. Paul Wall
    3. E-40


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    brotha lynch hung
    paul wall
    kottonmouth kings

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    prolly for me its e-40,ice cube, and big scoob on killer

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    by far Ice Cube, e-40, and yukmouth and kmk sry i cant pick question the best 3/4

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    as far as talent goes, well, lejo (now it's on), shawnna (wheaties), dirtball (paint a dark picture), prozak (you don't want it), and da hooligans, d-loc and dalima on midwest choppers stand out.

    but as far as names go, paul wall, e40 and ice cube are the biggest......even tho i don't think paul walls verse on get the fuck outta here was anything special. and e40s verse on jellysickle is sick, but u can tell he was trying to keep up with tech...

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    it wasnt on an album but i like tech and 2pac on thugs get lonley 2....and a couple joints he did with yukmouth, stallion, kill em off, and mizery....yuk and tech go good 2gether.

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    Lejo, Lynch, And Dalima

    It's hard to only pick 3 lol

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    1. Brotha Lynch Hung

    2. E-40

    3. D-12

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    Brotha J--- Black boy! cant believe noone mentioned him... legend, and scarface

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