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Thread: Is Tech N9ne a Christian/Follower of God?

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    Is Tech N9ne a Christian/Follower of God?

    I mean, Iv'e always wondered this, and I know in interviews he won't talk about religion or politics. Is he? I mean he sounds aethiest as hell in Hope for a Higher Power, saying "hope you mystical magical works.." or some shit like that, but then you got the intro to Everready where after the car crash he's thanking god for being in his grace n shit. What's your take?

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    I would say he's religious be it christian or not what does it really matter?And who doesn't question god as a idea/ belief throughout their life time

    And the intro to everready is recounting the story of what happened the night they flipped the van so who wouldn't thank god...

    Good question but just for the sake of convo are you religious....

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    Tech was raised christian...

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    My take on it is if you listen to crybaby, he sums it up in the first verse, his mom was christian, then became muslim, and he started hanging out with gangs and stuff, listen to the music he's telling you.

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    I think that he belives in God and that's it. Religon screws faith up.

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    in his T9X dvd he explains when he was a teen he basicly pursued many if not all religions as his mother was Christian and her boyfriend was Muslim, I'm sure he believes in God, But I don't know if he is Religious.

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    of course he believes in god.

    god is love and tech has allot of love

    "hope you mystical magical works" does not mean an he is atheist. he is only hoping for the best.

    and you don't have to be christian to believe in what u call god.

    Gofer, sorry n shit but u sound jewish. u still got many things to learn.

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    Haha no I aint Jewish, I go to church every Sunday to tell you the truth, Im christian. Probly not the best example of one, but still one. But anyway, It's just the way he says it in Higher Power, to me it came off as a mocking kind of vioce.

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    Secular not athiest. You dont have to believe in organization to believe in god.

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    just listen to his music and you will hear what he believes in..........

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