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Thread: Horror or Party Tech?!

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    Horror or Party Tech?!

    I was reading a post that someone else had written and they made the comment that they were happy that Tech was more of a Party rapper now, instead of a horror rapper. This got me thinking. He still is hardcore as a mothafucka, but it is somewhat true that he's more of a party rapper now, minus the dark side off of Killer. I personally love both sides of Tech, but I'd love to see him embrace both sides equally, especially if his next album is going to be called Sickology. In my opinion he should go back to those horror roots and mix them together with his sick party beats and come out with the dopest shit anybody has ever heard. Period. What do you guys think?

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    I think this next album should have a dominant horror sound, I love all of Techs s but the dark shit has to be my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tech29ne
    I think this next album should have a dominant horror sound, I love all of Techs s but the dark shit has to be my favorite.
    I agree 100%

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    I gotta say I like em equally the same. you know it's crazy how hella people (including myself before I was a Tech fan) just won't even give tech a chance because of his imagery. I think Tech's music has something everybody can like, he's gotta song for everyone. I think it'd be sick if he made an album based on the king, clown, and G. like have each part separated like he did with the dark side and the sextion. either way if I only had one way to describe him i'd say hardcore, he's a hardcore party guy and a hardcore horror rapper.

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    i agree wit ya..thats why i started listening to him cause he was fuck up in the head and everybody thought that only white people rap about crazy shit..then tech comes..shut them up quick

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    Dark tech is where its at! But if you look at Anghellic and the time it was relased, dark rap was a pretty popular subject because of Eminem and D12 and what mainstreem rap is more party/club sound and Tech is more party rap....wierd huh?

    But yea, I love the party Tech but would love to hear some more darkness from him 4 sure!

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    man i dont give a flying fuck what tech puts out, as long as he is on some tracks i could give a shit less what it is...still waitin for that Kabosh shit long as it has tech dont care what genre it is *considered*

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    ive never looked at tech as horror rap or wut ever the fuck its called. take a look at (the calm before the storm)and (the worst) those albums were gangster as fuck.I think tech.s music is evolving perfectly theres no one on the market who sounds like him.Although that kabosh shit he had on killer didnt appeal to me at all .Tech is hiphop not a rocker and it showed on (all night all day )or what ever its called.The lyrics were straight fire but the chorus was horrible.Id like to see Tech with another solo album,with less collaborations those seem to be his stronger albums

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    i liked his more of his hardcore shit...his party shits pretty kool but it dosnt realy hit as hard as shit lyk terror, trauma, mizery...the list gos on...but if he mixed dat hard ass, mean muthafucka, bout ta shoot yo face shit wit beats lyk everybody move n lets go type shit...that would be amazing...n by the way, seven did a DAMN good job but i still think a few tracks wit timbaland would be fuckin beautiful...with "horror" shit

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    It's near fucking impossible to balance out a chemical imbalance in the brain....You guys know that, right?

    And WTF @ the word "horror" being used.....I guess I've missed out on the horror section of Tech's music. What I've heard is pain and real talk, not some horror shit.

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