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    tech nine

    your lyrics are other worldly my friend committed 3 counts of assult on a police officer the day before he told me about your new album i checked it out and discovered it wwas everything i think and never say it was diffrent and fit totaly i never thought in million years someone can see this world for what it is, women struglling to stay a float by sucking POWERFUL cocks instead of wendys one and how satan is out to taunt those who lunch and dont see the fault with mankind to this i unwind only to find im interupted with the same fuckin shit i put up with day to day trying to silence my thoughts THANK YOU for speaking so beutifuly what im constantly thinking and saying because no one wantsto hear!!!!!!!!!

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    Real Talk. I can relate, I am constantly battling my demons. It's a constant struggle. Jus gotta try to shake the negative feedback. Everyone has their demons. Hence thy self-destructiveness. Much respect Tech!

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