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Thread: Extreme places where Tech N9ne fans come from

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    Extreme places where Tech N9ne fans come from

    I'm just excited in this thing. Where do people know about Tech N9ne outside the USA? For example I am from Hungary and here rap isn't as widespread as in America so it's a bless to know about an "underground" rapper like Tech. But maybe some years later people will all listen to his music. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by marco
    yeah i m from quebec , canada a francophone province . even if we re close to the usa , a lot of people i know don t know nothing about him and a lot of others underground mc. i can say i made a lot of people know and love him . lol
    Yeah I did the same. My relatives and a lot of my friends don't like rap but I always can show them a song from Tech that they will like. Lol. It's just because of his versatility

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    Hey all, I'm here in KC, but much respect to the international fans!!!

    I've been seeing people from all over on this site, Turkey, South Africa, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia - shit we just need a penguin to start bumpin that shit down in Antarctica and we'll have all the continents covered - SLADAN WORLDWIDE!!! (STRANGE LOVE ALL DAY ALL NIGHT)

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    Im in Australia and i first heard of him when he was on a KMK song.

    Now i got all my friends bumpin his shit

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    Oi oi oi!!! Keep it bumpin in the Dirty (WAY) South

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    im from australia... i been bumpin tech's shit for years now...he needs to come do a gig for us!

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    That is so fuckin cool when you get a artist like tech to go worlwide just because of how uniqe his music is it is a woderful thing i have a uncle in Gemany and he heard tech before me and that was in 96 so it just amazes me

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    i'm from Israel
    there is a nice Tech N9ne following here... i even got a friend with an "AngHellic" tattoo...

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    Is there anybody from turkey or that knows turkish. Theres a song by Ceza that features Tech, its called "Dark Places".
    Ive been trying to figure out the lyrics of Ceza since ive heard it but cant get it translated. If someone could help me out that would be sick.

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    im from the UK

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