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Thread: How Does He Do It???

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    How Does He Do It???

    Okay, So i dont know if this is really a question but more like a commnt, and i wanna see wut you guys have to say about it.... Tech's been on tour since before Eveready dropped. In fact i've seen him 3 times since then (unfortunatley, hes not coming to my state this year) But anyway, i was just wondering, HOW DOES HE DO IT?? how does he stay on tour for years at a time and still have time to drop a couple albums, and be on everybody elses shit... Goes to prove how much he deserves his cred. not only the best rapper, but works his ass off too.

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    You say well. If he wouldn't do these shows and all like that then people didn't know his name.

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    "50 city tour and they be lovin how we doing it" SHO NUFF!! naw he grinds man when you on that grind on that ima get whats mines mode its over for anyone grindin less than you! STRANGE MUSIC BABY!! he pushes his self i bet because he aimed at KANSAS CITY KING became that! and now its like lookin down off the thrown like iight keep up im fina lead my army into the war against the industry and independant artist! fina get more sells than a major label muthafucka and have more back in my pocket wit less hands in the pot if you know what im sayin!! FTI lol

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