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Thread: New or old tech??

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    New or old tech??

    Whats better in your opinion? Im asking two different questions, if Anghellic is the oldest shit by tech that you know, tell me what you like better, Anghellic and absolute power and vintage tech, or shit like everready, mlk and killer? On the otha hand, if u know the REEAALLY old shit like the calm before the storm and the worst and celcius and all that, do u like that stuff more then the newer stuff. If u wanna hear a lot of tech n9ne old songs that came before anghellic and arent even on vintage tech, u can go to my profile and look at my videos. There are a bunch of crraaazzzy old songs. Personally, I think i like his old ass shit better, his old verses from back in the day are untouchable

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    both. theyre both different yet unique to his .
    i like shit from his older albums but i can't complain about his newer albums either.

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    its all tech, from "57 rdv's" to "kabosh" and every thang in between you can't compare because its all genious and nobody can top either new or old tech he's tha master if you disagree with that then you on tha wrong site pimpin! !

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    I know almost all of his music but I don't really like his first two albums. But Anghellic and Everready are the best of him in my opinion. Celcius, MLK and Killer have too many guest appearances but Tech's verses are always incredible... Absolute Power isn't as powerful as it could be but the headbanger tracks are all crazy on that. So I just hope he will do something like Anghellic and Everready on Sickology 101

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    I personally like a mix. My favorite is Everready, then Anghellic, then Absolute Power. Though i don't like the OLD stuff as much i hate don won or whatever. But if you look at all of his shit ever you're bound to find at least a hand full of songs on every cd. I mean its all good.

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    its too hard to choose one or the other. I like all of it, old shit and new, Tech has always been ahead of his time.

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    Eveready, best album by far. my opinion. front to back, cover to cover, every song is great.


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    Old tech n9ne fa sho... Anghellic is my fav. but all the shit from Absolute power down is some of the hardest shit ive herd

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    angellic IS THE BEST RECORD EVER MADE IN RAP HISTORY HANDS DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love it all... shit like "Be Warned" was fuckin sick as hell but his new shit is fuckin incredible 2. TECH N9NE = THE BEST! NEW OR OLD, I CAN HONESTLY SAY I THINK IT'S ALL INCREDIBLE!

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