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Thread: What other music do you listen to?....or used to at least

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    What other music do you listen to?....or used to at least

    i personally was and still is a hardcore system fan...but since there "haitus" tech has provided salvation for my auditory pleasures....

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    Well than you should be a fan of the other projects of members from system...

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    yes serj and scars on Broadway are good...but the chemistry of system cant be matched by scars or serj, thats not the point tho unless ur sayin u like system too, then fuck yea, i was just wonderin what other music tech fans are into, i mean besides the obvious juggalos and juggalettes

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    Junior Member Jetman's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    HahahahaHaha thats hilarious. Im always gettin shit from friends cause all i listen to is Strange.
    But before tech, mostly stuff like sublime, disturbed, some oldschool rap. But shit man I can listen to pretty much anything from techno to country, bob marly to beethoven.

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    Senior Member AJ16's Avatar
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    Strange music (All Artists!!!!) And Sub noize is off the hook!! KMK and Potluck especially!! Bone thugs are tight.Thats about it man, outside of Strange Music and Sub Noize everything else is watered down bullshit!!!

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    im into andre nickatina, 2pac, em, outkast, roots, rage. Lotsa shit like that....basically nothin that u c on MTV...haha..thank god

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    JUGGALO right here ICP Twiztid ABK AMB Boon Blaze DJ clay ROC ect. but grew up with hip hop RUN NWA 2pac Biggie Bonethugs DmX Ice Cube Ice T

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    I like most everything. not to hot on diddy's stuff, or ATL. but that's just me. I'm old yeah I know but the 90's WAS WHEN RAP WAS REAL! MY RAP WAS NOT ON THE RADIO. Did you ever hear public enemy on the radio or NWA or KRS-ONE. I still like all that and way back I love KISS it's rock but to last as long as they have and still put on that kinda show I give props. BUT TECH restored my faith in Rap after 2-Pac....everything felt so soft and safe, all radio friendly. Thanks TECH for your FTI and saving us all.

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    I still listening to Bone thugs n harmony, tupac, dayton family, blac monks.. and heaps of our local boys.. But im hard out into underground rap, and no body rips it like teccaninna.. Yeah techn9ne number one baybee.. Auraaaah..

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    The new ice cube is really really good..
    Hed pe
    five finger death punch
    Dark lotus

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