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Thread: Holier than thou

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    Holier than thou

    this song is the shit somone aint afraid to speak on this i feel you thankyou

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    oh hell yeah its the shit. kaliko has one of the most versatile voices i've ever heard and he shows it on that song, and all 3 verses are fire

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    I have never heard of the truth b4, sux he wasnt on the track

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    Its a wonderful track. I love that shizz man, like 3 times in a row everytime I hear it.
    You probably wouldn't have heard of the truth unless you listen to Christian music. They don't get or spend money on exposure.

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    hell yea, daz wut Tech is all about, tellin it how he see's it

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    great song, kaliko can make every song he sings on a hit. i like his singing more than the rapping in the song

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    One of the best songs on Killer. I thought Kanye was supposed to be on it. Glad he wasn't Kanye's new cd is pretty weak I hat the computer animated voice shit on everything. Muthafucker is trying to be Roger Troutman on every song and there was only like 12 of them.

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    i really want to interview tech for the syncast regarding the story behind the song...
    he rips it as usual.

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    i get goose bumps every fucking time i hear that song.....And if you note....Tech rhymes clean the whole song...not a swear in sight.... even Tech can do the will smith thing way fucking better....

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