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Thread: who is your favorite member of strange music and why

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    who is your favorite member of strange music and why

    i like tech n9ne because he goes hard every time he raps and doesnt give a fuck about anybody who gets in his way

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    well if you dont count tech then id say my personal favorite is krizz kaliko. bought his album and until Killer i didnt take it out my car, i pop it in still. hes so versatile, his voice I personally think is top 5 to ever be on a CD... including R&B singers, the things he can do with his voice is simply amazing, harmonizing. Id love to meet kaliko

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    Junior Member Ogyaf's Avatar
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    Kutty Cal. One of the most underrated people in the entire game.

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    well everyone thinks techs the best on strange music. -.- BUUUT id have to go with krizz kaliko, techs music wouldnt really be the same without that fuckin voice up in there.... Kalikos got VOCALS...

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    besides tech I would say Kutt, I have met him and hes a tight guy, shook my hand strong and looked me right in the eye, respect to Kutt, just bought his new cd.

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    Well i think it's probably obvious that most people like tech the most since this is his website. But other than tech i have to say Grave Plott. I was there when they first toured with tech back in 06'(?). I bought there first cd "puttin u in" and that was fire. From there i met Killa a couple of time and he's always been real cool to everyone. So even though i wanted something a bit harder in "the plott thickens" grave plott and more specifically Killa C the shit.

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    Obviously I would have to say Tech is #1, but other than Tech its really a toss up. I love everyone's music on Strange Music. I'd probably have to go with Prozak.

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    Tech is the best hands down....Liquid Assassin is like my family i gotta go with him second

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    Tech n9ne is my fav no doubt bout that.. but besides tech it would have to be the kansas city chief himself Kutt Calhoun his lyrics are bad ass he has matured so much from b.l.e.v.e to Feature Presentation. he is also down to earth whenever you talk to him you feel comfortable you dont feel nervous or anything like that.

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    Top Three.

    Tech N9ne -- Prozak -- Kutt Calhoun

    Tech N9ne 24/7 -- All Hail N9ne!! -- Technician for Life!!


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