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Thread: where would you like to meet tech n9ne?

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    where would you like to meet tech n9ne?

    personally i want to meet him one on one in kc

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    Senior Member L.D.S.'s Avatar
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    I'd like to meet him at.....oh wait, nevermind.

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    i'd like to meet tech in the studio, ya know where he's most known for. then maybe i could convince him ta jump on one of my tracks!

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    In a hot box.

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    lol in canada

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    Met him in Florida... funny story. It was a crew of us... we were talking shit waiting in the front of the line (actually, it was early as fuck, we were the only ones in the line) and all of a sudden my brother says "Ain't that tech n9ne right there" ,.... i could meet denzel washington and not be as star struck as i was when i saw tech ... i was straight up shaking. When he saw the whole crew in dickies wearing red and the tech shirts.... he stopped, turned around and came to us (which was the opposite direction to where he was going) said what up to us all and took pics. I'll never forget that day

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