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Thread: rumors rumors rumors

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    rumors rumors rumors

    i hear rumors swirling of tech n9ne collabs with g-unit and eminem. not gonna lie that would be some crazy shit. if tech fits with any mainstream artists it is definitely them. let me know how you guys feel or if anyone else has heard this shit?

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    Junior Member James25's Avatar
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    No i have not heard that but i would like tech to get bigger and work with some mainstrream artist but i also want him to stay true to the underground and keep workin with people like lynch and others just cant forget about the underground where the good music lives

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    Junior Member technician's Avatar
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    id rather see him with game and snoop on some blue and red shit

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    Senior Member SyNiKaL's Avatar
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    It would be cool to see Tech with Em, and Banks, but I really don't want to see him fucking with 50 and yayo. I'd rather see some shit with Game, Royce Da 5'9, Nas, and so on.

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    yea i heard about that shit would be off the hook

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    tech is going to work wit EM....where did u hear this info of him messing wit g-unit...that would be horrible...the gay-unit aint and em would make a ic hit gettin on the mic...i would be seriously pissd if tech got wit 50....but thats just me...he could collab wit many other artists to go mainstreem....also tech is a general of the Regime and well....the regime dont fuck wit 50....who knows..

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    Eminem MAYBE. Where the fuck did you hear G-Unit? Or is it one of those "Oh I heard he was working with EM finally, so that means he's DEF gonna jump on a track wit Banks". A G-Unit collab would be yet another track where Tech slowed his flow down and undercompeted with his lyrics. Nothing like a mid card track about shooting someone and listening to your favorite rapper hold back.

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    wont be hapenin anytime soon

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    4real id want tech to stay underground n work with some mainstream but i dont want him to get caught up in the mainstream game n get fucked over if that was to happen(not saying it ever will)id be really upset

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    Em is the only one wit the balls to get tech on a track cuz hes the only one that stand toe to toe with him lyrically. Everyone else would get embarrassed...hence mainstream artists don't holla at tech. Tech is the sickest lyricist ive ever heard...hands down

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