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Thread: YUKMOUTH??? Regime General!

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    YUKMOUTH??? Regime General!

    Ight....i wanna know how many of ya'll are down with Yuk and the REGIME? Yuk has a new album dropping February 09' so pick it up and support the REGIME DRAGON GANG!!!...anyway...what ya'll think of king Smoke-A-Lot himself???? holla back...

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    Yukmouth is one of the hardest Bay Area rappers. He talks a lot of trash on G-Unit and The Game which is always entertaining.

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    hey real talk.....keep it coming....yuk is as hard as they come....

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    Yuk needs to stop making false promises. The Regime album has been "coming soon" for... well... forever. Ampichino's album ever drop? I swear it's been "on deck" for Smoke-A-Lot Records since at least 2005...

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    i will admit yuk does promise shit all the time...when i spoke with him 6 months ago he said that he never lies about the shit its just each artist has so much goin on all the time its hard to get everyone in the studio to record...i will go on record to say this tho...on Ampichinos website i asked him wut up wit the regime album and he said that he has laid down 6 verses and 7 songs are patience is the key...
    also...amp's AK-47 dropped and was amazing and then he signed a joint deal wit The Jacka to do "Devilz Rejectz" and his solo album drops November 18th "Misery"....when i spoke wit tech at the Strange Noize tour he said the reason the album aint done is because "everyone in the regime is bosses...and its hard to get bosses in the same place at the same time"

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    oldest thread in this bitch

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    why the fuck did you bump this

    Quote Originally Posted by johnny
    oldest thread in this bitch

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    why did you reply ... it would be burried to 3rd page in a day .. who goes past the third page?

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    i luld so fucking god damn HARD!

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    whats luld

    Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    i luld so fucking god damn HARD!

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