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Thread: who really like Grave Plott

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    who really like Grave Plott


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    I think grave plott is the shit any1 Tech N9NE signs to his lable is the shit or they wouldn't even be around his greatness!

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    Junior Member D.C.'s Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    Me? I bought the cd and got a poster signed by L.A. after the concert in Bako.

    Street Life and Snap = the shit

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    Grave Plott was pretty tight the other night they were bubin' there shit is bomb mutha fuccas almost blew the crowd out but not when Tech came on... they blew my mind...

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    grave plott is the shit! they are awsome live as well

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    Liquid Assassin is dope but i HATE Killa C

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    Junior Member Gonzo's Avatar
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    They have talent, they have a good stage show. Honestly they think they kicked ass on the tour. The song on the VIP CD they do, Hate me, with Bizarre kicked ass

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    I do very talented artist

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    LA is dope Killa C very very overratted

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    I'll be honest, a couple of years ago I had no idea who they were, but after I heard The Plott Thickens, it was a rap. They have a lot of talent.

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