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Thread: Tech N9ne - Canada

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    Tech N9ne - Canada

    How many people want Tech to infect The north?

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    i do, eh

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    i do, but it will never happen

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    Junior Member technician's Avatar
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    I've wanted to see Tech for like 6 years... I bet once he smells our bacon he would never want to leave!

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    lol I live in rapid

    Quote Originally Posted by Karel Kuchinka
    I had to go to South Dakota to see Tech but would love for him to come up here.

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    I live in BC and he would make so much cash from a show here and he would love our weed

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    So TECH FANS this is what I know!!

    As for Canada there were supposed 2 be 15 shows last year for the Fire & Ice Tour...Paul Wall & every1 @ Strange was on board, and I guess the promoters pulled out @ tha last minute. I talked to Kaliko & Travis (aka Mr.O' Guin aka Tha Prez) @ the Missoula show in Montana when the Fire & Ice Tour kicked off in the Marchish area of last year and that is when they told me they had these '15 dates' 4 Canada. Then when I met N9NE in Bozeman, MT for the Strange Noize Tour in August he said that the promoters really didn't give STRANGE a proper explanation as to why the shows were scrapped. See, I've worked @ HMV for the last 4 years and in my small city of Medicine Hat in Alberta it is a VICTORY 4 ME when I sell STRANGE MUSIC...cause honestly out of 10-20 'rap kids' (rap listeners between ages of 14-30) I am lucky if I can sell 1 STRANGE CD!! It is all G-Unit, Lil Wayne, etc. So last year I finally stopped wondering on my own and made contact to Strange Music via e-mail and had a few conversations with Korey Lloyd about what can be done 2 bring Tech & STRANGE 2 Canada and he did say that they are trying to create a stronger presence up here...they are wanting more 'street teams' to get the word out up here. So things like flyers, stickers, etc. they have that can promote them in ways that radio & tv wouldn't give them!! Cause we all know that MuchMusic is not ready to have Mr. Yates!! haha But WE must all VOICE our DESIRE to have STRANGE cross the border somehow, someway and allow them to get rid of all the bullshit that Canada gets from America's mainstream 'rap game.' Every single province has more than enough venues for Tech & STRANGE to DESTROY & SPREAD F.T.I. throughout our land, so lets not stop til it happens!!

    Peace & 1LUV from:
    the 1 & only Smitty G!!

    (& unfortunately we all must accept the fact that we live in a post 9/11 era, where crossing borders is a BIANCA & a BEATRICE all at the same time!!)

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    Aye Yo Tech.. come to victoria.. whurr the women and chronic and top notch

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    I live out in BC too, and would love to see the show. Plus the weed is really good

    Quote Originally Posted by frapps
    I live in BC and he would make so much cash from a show here and he would love our weed

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