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Thread: Sickology 101: The Study of Being Sick

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    Sickology 101: The Study of Being Sick

    Just saw that Tech is already hard at work on the next album. Cannot Freaking wait. Any thoughts on release dates or anything like that? He's already talked a little about the callabos he's tryin for, even some talk of sending a track to Jay-Z...crazy sh*t!!!

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    I can't wait either, that shit is gonna be off the hook!

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    Met tech on the last tour in philly he also said hes tryin to get hova on a track with him so i know that aint no bullshit... Tech really doin his thing now... hope it drops soon will be in iraq come january so ima need me some new shit to mission out to, know what im sayin!?

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    I really want this cd to come out

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    holy shit, lejo, and bone thugs gonna be on that shit? This cd is gonna be a straight masterpiece for real

    Quote Originally Posted by MurdaMichael

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    Yea I can't wait for this shit man he is blowin up and its been way OVERDUE the best rapper in the game hands down it would be tight if Hova would do somethin on the album that would be huge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MurdaMichael

    That's gotta be fake man.

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    NOOOO WAYYYY man if them pic are legit id be the happiest kid on the planet tech n9ne with EMINEM!!!, TUPAC, tiwsta and bone thugs??? WHAT!!! thats sooo crazy man

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    man no offence, but Lil wayne, T-pain, give me a break, Fakest Rapper Alive with Ve, Real Best Rapper Alive, I Don't Think Sooo, Gotta Be Fake Album Cover

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