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Thread: First Time You Ever Heard TECH N9NE

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    First Time You Ever Heard TECH N9NE

    Tell me about the time you first time you ever heard Tech's music. All the details, Where you were at the time, what your thoughts were, what song it was, things like that. For me it was a couple years ago, I was driving around and my friend in the passenger seat is playing is his mix cd, and it comes to the song Einstein, and my mind was blown away, I had never heard nothing like this in my life. I looked at my friend and said "Who is this?" lol and with a big ass smile he said TECH N9NE. So I looked him up, and realized he was alot more original then I thought, the red spiked hair, painted face, bishop's robe. Never had i seen anyone with so much creativity in my life.

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    The first Tech N9ne song I heard was actually on the radio. I was drivin' back to the Bay from my homies house in Sacramento. I was listening to 103.5 (The Bomb)...the best radio station in Sacramento. They played Here Comes Tecca Nina. I had never heard it before, but it was dope. This was in '03 or '04 (a couple years after Absolute Power came out), so I decided to check him out at Rasputin's Records. I found Absolute Power used for $5.99 (with the DVD)! I bumped that shit for a couple months and even got my boy (from Sac) to start listening to Tech too. Now I'm an official Technician and I just saw Tech live for the 5th time!

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    The first time I heard Tech was on Yukmouth's "Godzilla" Cd. He was on the Regime Killers track and he murdered, just like he murdered on "Somebody Gone Die Tonight." I liked him so much that I downloaded Everready, and my mind was BLOWN with songs like Come Gangsta, and My World, Night and Day, and Riot Maker: it was the best music I had ever heard. So next, I downloaded all his albums from Anghellic to The Calm Before the Storm, I bought Absolute Power because of the More Power DVD. And then I went to Strange Noize 08 in Columbus, it was amazing! I felt like I was home, because typically no one in my group of friends listens to Tech, so I felt home with all the Juggalos and (hed) pe fans, it was great. In my opinion Tech N9ne is probably the most talented artist in any genre, and is probably the best rapper to EVER touch the mic. T9 All Day All Night!!!!!!!!

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    The first time i heard tech9 was when i first met my brova inlaw years ago like back in the days, he intorduced me to tech's album Absolute power and yeah ever since then ive been all about techn9ne,.. All his song are the meanest, At partys i make sure Techn9ne is pumping, and i can listen to all his sounds all day everyday, never ever get sick of them, he's my idol and one day im gona meet him.. YEAH SEIG HEIL TECHN9NE MR AARON DONTAZ YATES.. AURAAAAH..


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    about two years ago, my boyfriend at the time introduced me to him (he's from kc). honestly can't remember the exact first song i heard but it was like three to four songs that i listened to in a row by tech. they were "suicide letters", "twisted", "this ring", and "psycho bitch". so yeah, after that i got into tech more. all thanks to my ex, but can't complain dude got madd skills.

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    Hey You all got some mad storys, The dude who saw him the first time in concert Was lucky! The first time I heard Tech Was At a friends house we were smokin and stamina Came on (Shit my pants) It was the fastest shit i ever heard... i just thought Rappin to a tech 9 When your name was tech n9ne Was the shit.... But eh since then every tech CD been in my lap in my car Bumpin everyday. First time I saw him in concert I had a quarter o weed and a mini bubbler I got everyone in the crowd sooo high! My friend jake went and passed out During The openers. i ended up getting in a fight with a drunk dude And thank fuckin god the drunk guy owned up and said it was his fault cause they let me back in!!!!! Well bout 10 min minutes later Lil dude come runnin out with his spiked red hair, I tell yo something I still have yet to see any other artist Including bone thugs and andre nickitana Rock The Roseland like tech did that night and every other night he been here.
    I been EverReady for Tech since day one!!!!!

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    The first time I heard of Tech N9ne was a few months back when I was frequenting the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony unofficial forum , they kept on talking about Tech N9ne on the site so I decided to go on to Youtube to check it out and since then Ive been a fan.

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    I was in my friends Moes car he is a huge fan he went to like three of Tech N9nes concert i just went to my first one friday October 25,2008 it was the shit.... The first song I ever herd from Tech N9ne was the one that has Easy-E in it idk what its called but it goes like this " tech nine bust an Ak tech tech nine bust crome crome to your dome crome to your dome" that song it the shit it hits so hard...

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    The first time i heard tech n9ne was when i was smokin a blunt with a couple of my boys. The first song i heard was Now its on...i was totally blown away by the beat, the lyrical knowlege, and the originality. The most memorable tech n9ne experience i had, was a few years ago again drivin around, it was the first time i took x. The two songs that played were T9X and Trapped in a psychos body....It was like the most exhilarating experience of my life. It was summer, i was with a guy i really liked, the sun was setting, breeze felt almost like it was lifting me away, like i was an angel being lifted by clouds so to speak, and i could feel every word he was saying. It was like a partial story of my life, i was groovin and jus the vibe my body felt when i heard those beats was amazing like he was inside of my head and i know it wasnt just the drugs because i have been a fan for a long time. I am truely endebted to him because he has so much creativity and i can relate to him on so many wayz, i can feel the pain, i can feel the pimpness, i can feel the crazyness and imagination. He paints a picture in every song and tells a story. Hes amazing and im forever a fan!!! I also spread his word to everyone i meet, im like wat u know bout sum tech n9ne? Most of them dont know, but once they cross my path and hear him its no turnin back. They turn into fans!

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    first time was i heard imma tell someone told me about it and damn was i blown away ever since than mostly wat i listen to is tech n9ne i got all his cd's and im trying to memorize his songs he is the greatest rapper ever no matter what any one say.

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