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Thread: Tech N9ne - Song

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    Tech N9ne - Song

    What is everyone's favourite Tech N9ne song?

    Or songs if you have more than one.

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    Man that's a tough question their are soo many. I would have to say some of my favorites would have to be," Be Warned", off of the Celsius cd..umm Riot Maker....seeing as im from the Bay Area Bout To Bubble is defiantly a favorite...Tech is such an amazing artist that's its difficult to just choose a single song

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    Pretty much impossible to pick just one song...some of my favorites are Hope for a Higher Power, Psycho Bitch, Last Words, Slacker, T9X, Sex Out South, My World, In My Head, This Ring, and Little Pills. (love that Kabosh shit!)

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    Hmmm, Imma Tell and Caribou Lou are perennial ics, they'll be rockin Kansas City for years to come. I really like Black Boy, Like Yeah and Everybody Move off Killer and I know it's not a Tech song, but "J's On My Feet" off of Kutt's new album has been on repeat in my car for about a week now...

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    all of them.. on the last album i was really feeling blackboy.. now im stuck on too much! lyrically he killed it on that track

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    Yeah there are to many, but Come Gangsta has to be my favorite, gets me all pumped up n shit.

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    breathe is the first tech song i ever listened to been listening ever since

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    Ha Definetly RED NECRO is my all time fav... But All TEch Is the SHIT!!!

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    Favorite song of all time is Einstein, because that's the 1st song I ever heard by him.

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    Absolute Power = The Industry Is Punks
    Anghelic: The Repartion = This Ring/Suicide Letters
    Everready = Caribou Lou/Riotmaker
    Killer = Get The Fuck Outta Here/ Why You Ain't Call Me?

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