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Thread: Yo! My name is Craig Smith!

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    Yo! My name is Craig Smith!

    Whattup TRTN! It's really me, Craig Smith.

    I wanted to stop by, since Strange is like my family, to give you all a personal invite to check out some things I've been working on. I will be releasing an EP called American Nightmare on March 4. It'll be on iTunes and I'll have videos and all that. For now, here's my gift to Strange.

    Download the (LEAKED) song "American Nightmare" free:

    Hope y'all enjoy!

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    Thanks Mr. Smith!

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    Damn Craig killed it sounds sorta like JL a lil bit but I have always liked Craig's music

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    Great track, waiting for the album!

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    Oh damn its Mr. Smith!!! Long time no see fam a lam. Good to see you putting out some music! Last time we talked you weren't feeling it as much.

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    Will definitely check it out..

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